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August 16-18, 2024 | All Zones


MANCAMP is about connecting, Man-venturing, and learning! We are here to challenge and encourage one another through time in God's Word together and in fellowship. You'll choose a Saturday option to Fish, Shoot, Golf, Iron Man Cycle, Motorcycle Road Trip, or Hike.  Connecting, fellowship and faith challenge are rooted in each activity.  Did we mention Prime Rib?  Oh yeah, there's that too!


A Note from your Camp Leaders


The world doesn't need weak men, it needs men who know TRUE strength---a specific kind of strong---MEN who are STRONG IN THE LORD. You'll hear from real men, living real lives, changed by the ONE real God and you'll be challenged to take you life up a notch in being God's man.

Your Deans – Isaac Miller & Ben Doeden

Camp Poster

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Who is MAN CAMP for?
Are you a man? It’s for you. Are you younger than 16? You’re not a man. Hang in there tiger.
How much does it cost?
Registration is $80, sign up early and get a discount. Additional fees according to the Saturday MAN-venture you choose.
How long does it last?
We ramp up Friday at Supper, we’ve got all day and all night Saturday, and then Sunday Morning. We’re in and out…Friday supper time through about 10 AM Sunday.
What if it rains?
You’ll get wet.

What to bring

What do I need to bring?

Bring Deodorant-we’re men, not animals. Otherwise sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, clothes, towel, and of course---your Bible, a positive attitude, and your MAN-venture appropriate gear.

On Time Discount Rate through August 4: $80

Regular Registration Rate:  August 5 - Check in Day: $90

Additional Fees may apply depending on your Man-venture choice.

Registration Rates

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