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Adult Weekend

July 19-21, 2024 | All Zones

Adult Weekend is one of our favorite weekends of the summer because the fellowship is so sweet.  We worship, study, fellowship, and grow in our faith together.  Multiple generations come together to persevere in their faith and be encouraged to stay the course.  This weekend will renew your spirit and refresh your soul.  Besides all of this, we have a blast at Fireside in the Lodge each night, laughing, telling stories, singing praise songs and having fun!  Come - you'll be glad you did.


A Note from your Deans - Reggie Camarse, David Miller and JJ Miller

Living in faith and practicing a biblical worldview definitely has its challenges! Unfortunately, it can feel like it’s getting even trickier navigating the friction between Kingdom of God and a secular world full of competing ideas. Join us this year at Adult Weekend as we taking about that divide and how we can transcend that friction and continue to reveal Jesus well in a conflicted world.

Registration Rates

On Time Discount Rate: May 1 - July 7: $80

Regular Registration Rate:  July 9 - Check in Day: $90

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