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Angaza Vision Trip Updates


Jambo! We have wrapped up our time in Kenya today with our second day on Safari. We got to see so many of God’s beautiful creation. It was amazing to see Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Lions, Cheetahs, Water Buffalo and more up close. One Lion walked right up to Land Cruiser! God’s creation indeed is vast and beautiful, but the most beautiful of His creation we witnessed on this trip were our MOHI hosts and our Kenyan brothers and sisters at Angaza. Such beautiful souls and welcoming hearts. They grafted us in immediately and we are more than “pen pals” now, we are rafiki - friends. More than that, our view of the family of God has expanded and while we know God’s Kingdom includes every tongue and nation, now we know face to face. Our brothers and sisters in Kenya are as excited for our friendship as we are.


Tomorrow we leave at 5am to get on our flight at 9am. We travel to London, have a lengthy layover and then travel to Minneapolis. We will be home by Sunday noon. 

We are bringing home stories and adventures beyond our expectations. God has been at work and we are honored to have represented Pine Haven Christian Assembly on this vision trip. Thank you for your trust in us, for sending us and for your faithful prayers and support. We are coming home with a few souvenirs, several bug bites, skin kissed by the sun, and hearts touched by the beauty of our Kenyan family. We will be leaving a piece of our hearts in Kenya but we are glad to be returning to our brothers and sisters in America. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. Bwana Asifiwe - Praise the Lord.


Made it to the border of Kenya and Tanzania.


Safari sunrise taken from the

treetops of our resort.


Maasai Mara Sunrise


Stopped at the Mara River to go for a walk. We saw a lot of hippos, a few crocodiles, and a couple of giraffes as well!




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