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STAFF 2022

Start your count down - we are only weeks away from camp! It's a new season and I'm excited to see how God uses this team to bring glory to Him and draw campers into a closer relationship with Him. 



You have been called to lead and care for a ministry that has been 'On Mission' for 81 years.  The operations of Pine Haven are completely in your hands. It's a huge task, but God does not appoint without anointing.  You are the PHCA 2022 STAFF

PHCA 2022 STAFF Schedule.jpg

I'm excited to minister and serve with you all this summer.  The schedule to the left is the basic schedule.  Other dates discussed for each of your specific schedules are still in place.


Please attend to the training posted here so we can hit the ground running in May.  Can't wait to get started! Welcome aboard!

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